The Best Black Cumin Seed Oil Bulk Supplier In USA, Malaysia.

The Best Black Cumin Seed Oil Bulk Supplier In USA, Malaysia.

Nigella Sativa Oil, commonly known as black cumin seed oil is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and there is always a high demand for black cumin seed oil bulk suppliers. The oil has originated in India itself and Hetaksh has been diligently fulfilling every need of the best quality black cumin oil supplier. Our Nigella sativa oil is known for its thymoquinone content. At Hetaksh, we extract active thymoquinone content from a minimum of 1% to up to 10% by using the old process and the CO2 extraction process. It is all possible using a temperature of around 60 to 80°C. The oil is known for its versatile utility in major pharma companies and for many health issues. This brownish-yellow to deep brown cloured oil is amongst our core products which we supply in a bunk to every pharma company. 

Black Cumin Seed Oil And Pharma Industry

This black cumin seed oil is not new to the pharma industry rather has gained popularity in recent times. This has all happened because of its medicinal use from everything including maintaining weight to easing major joint aches. Also referred to as black onion, black caraway, and black kalonji oil, it is a natural ingredient used in medicine manufacturing. The plant is also native to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Western Asia. 

For years now, the human population has embraced these tiny black seeds from Nigella sativa fruits and has used them as medicinal herbs for various health issues in pharma companies. Apart from its medicinal use, it is also used to flavor products.

What Makes It Exceptional

The pharmaceutical industry is the sphere that has been vehemently using the black cumin seed to manufacture medicines that can be used in various health issues since it has cholesterol-lowering phytosterols, essential fatty acids, omega-3, 6, and 9. Apart from all this, the oil carries an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory substance named Thymoquinone that to up to 10%. This content is useful in tumor-reduction capabilities making it an all-rounder for resolving health issues. Hetaksh is the leading Nigella sativa oil thymoquinone manufacturer with up to 10% TQ content extracted with our high-end machinery.

With all of its advantageous components, the black cumin seed oil is the product that can be the master in all health issues. Oil extraction using the Cold Process and CO2 extraction process provides the natural oil for all the pharma houses in the country. To procure the product in large-scale quantity, Hetaksh can be your one-stop solution since we are the leading black seed oil thymoquinone supplier! Visit our website to know more about the product. 

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