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Bergamot Oil Is A Colorless To Pale Greenish Liquid. It’s Extremely Rich, Sweet And Bitter Smelling Citrus Fruity Smell. Bergamot Essential Oil Has Uplifting And Emotionally Lightening Properties.
This Oil Is Uplifting And A Balancing Oil That Also May Be Beneficial To Use With Grief And Loss, As Well As Other Low-Frequency Emotions. Bergamot Essential Oil Is On The FDA’s Generally Regarded As Safe (GRAS) List. Bergamot Oil Is Non-Toxic, Non-Irritant. Sensitization May Occur In Some Individuals. All Citrus Oils Are To Some Degree Phototoxic, Which Means They Should Not Be Used Topically On The Skin 12 Hours Prior To Exposure To The Sun Or Ultraviolet Rays
Bergamot Oil – Cold Pressed Organic, An Essential Oil Known By The Botanical Name Citrus Bergamia, Is Cold-Pressed Extracted From The Peel Of The Bergamot Orange Fruit. Bergamot Oil Has A Strong Characteristic Citrus Aroma And Unique Flavor. It Receives Great Attention Through Its Use With Earl
Grey Tea. This Oil, Like Many Popular Essential Oils, Has An Appealing Aroma And Flavor Allowing For A Wide Range Of Uses Including Aromatherapy, Flavoring And As A Perfumer. Aside From Its Physical Attributes, Bergamot Oil May Be Used In Applications To Maintain Skin Health. This Essential Oil Is Very Photosensitive And Should Not Be Used In Applications That Require Exposure To Sunlight.

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