Arachis Oil

Arachis Oil Manufacturer.

Arachis Oil, scientifically known as Arachis hypogaea is a plant native to South America. The oil is also known as groundnut, goober, and earthnut. The climatic conditions for growing this plant require a warm environment, full sunlight, and sandy, loamy & clay soils. To bring naturality to the product, Hetaksh uses cold pressing techniques and strives to deliver the oil in bulk to different spheres of the world.

Hetaksh is committed to bringing natural and high-quality Arachis oil as per the pharma grade using the best technique that can help preserve the naturality of the product.
The oil has to be kept in an air-tight closed container in a cold and dark area, away from heat and ignition material.

We are dedicated to providing a top-quality Arachis oil bulk supplier to many countries with reliable packaging and safe delivery. Our products are known for their superior quality oil delivery for the pharma, food, and cosmetic industries. To order the best-in-class product, contact us via a call or email.

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