Sesame Oil

Sesame Seed Oil Production

Sesame oil is extracted from sesame seeds. The botanical source of sesame oil is Sesamum Indicum L. The sesame seed contains around 54% of oil. While the extraction rate of the sesame seed oil is up to 45~50%. The oil contains linoleic acid in a large amount. The oil contains sesamol and sesamolin which makes the oil durable.

Manufacturing Process Of Sesame Seed Oil

Cleaning of Sesame Seed

With the arrival of the sesame seed for oil extraction. The first and foremost thing which is required is cleaning it. Seeds are washed using seed cleansing equipment to get over the unwanted products. It will help in sorting out the good seeds and the dust, stones, and other pollutants. 

Dry Roasting of Sesame Seed

The cleaned Sesame seeds are thereafter dried by roasting. They are roasted for crushing. The core purpose of roasting is to remove excess water after the cleaning process.  

Pressing Process of Sesame Seed

When the sesame seeds are completely dried, they are prepared for pressing by a sesame oil expeller press. Thereafter the oil is given some time to settle.

Crude Oil Filtration

After the settlement of the oil pressing. Some oil cakes are mixed up with oil present in them. Crude oil filtration is done to separate the seeds and oil cakes from the oil. It makes the refining easier to extract the final oil.

Refining Of Sesame Oil

Crude oil filtration is not the last step to getting the oil. One final filtration is required before packaging the oil. It ensures pure and smooth oil without any oil cakes. Once it is filtered, it is ready for packaging.

Packing of Sesame Oil

Once the sesame oil is done with all these processes. They are packed into either drums or bottles using an oil filling line. They are also transported to the designated companies as per the demand.


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