Special Ingredients

A blooming plant native to South America, Arachis belongs in the pea family. Groundnut, earth nut, and goober are similar names, and the botanical name

is “Arachis Hypogaea.” It can only grow in sandy, loamy, or clay soils with a warm temperature, full sunlight, and no shadow. It is a rich source of minerals, vitamins E, K, and B, and is roughly 56 percent oil and 30 percent protein. This extraordinary oil has numerous health advantages for skin health. To lessen dryness, you can use arachis oil directly to the skin. It is used to create a few pharmaceutical medications that are mostly used to treat eczema, dry skin, arthritis, and joint discomfort. It’s customary to use this wonderful oil in cooking.This oil is utilised in large quantities in the pharmaceutical industry. Food and cosmetic sectors among others use it. It aids in lowering blood sugar levels. Peanut oil is found in a lot of lotions and creams. It helps with hair care, such as treating dandruff. It is suitable for use in cooking. When combined with a tiny amount of lime juice, arachis oil is used to treat skin acne. It aids in preventing blackheads on the skin. Employed as a flavouring component in food and drinks.

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