Thyme Oil

Best Thyme Oil Manufacturer In India.

Thyme Oil is botanically sourced from Thymus Vulgaris L and has an appearance of dark reddish-brown color and a spicy odor. The genus of the oil can be found in the Lamiaceae family. These plants originated in the Mediterranean area. Hetaksh uses the standardized extraction process of thyme oil to obtain 100% pure and authentic oil.
Process Of Making

Thyme Oil is primarily acquired from leaves and flowers of its botanical source i.e. Thymus Vulgaris using the stream distillation process. This distillation process produces red thyme essential oil, strong, dark oil that has a spicy odor with dark-reddish brown color. Hetaksh, a GMP-certified company, is the leading thyme oil bulk supplier to a number of companies.

To Obtain Oil from thyme oil manufacturers, you can contact us and get high-quality thyme oil in reliable packaging.

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