Sesame Oil Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturer & Supplier In USA

Sesame Oil Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturer & Supplier In USA

Sesame oil botanically sourced from Sesamum indicum belongs to the family of Pedaliaceae. The oil seed crop is cultivated in tropical and high-temperate regions of the world and is the main product in the regions including India, China, Sudan, and Burma since it is cultivated in 60% of the world.

Sesame Oil Pharmaceutical Grade Manufacturing Process
The finest oil extraction of the sesame can be done using mechanical cold pressing which has improved the quality of the oil. The Sesame oil extraction process includes:

Cleaning Of The Sesame Seeds
The first and foremost work before oil extraction is cleaning the seeds which include the removal of clay, sand, and other impurities from the products. Rinsing the seed is required to get rid of the mud, dust, and tiny impurities from the raw sesame seeds.

Softening Of The Sesame Seeds
The seeds are softened by adjusting the moisture and the temperature of the product to get the proper plasticity and are easy to be flaked into thin pieces.

Flaking Of The Sesame Seeds
Flaking using the flaking machine helps to press the seeds into flakes. The core purpose of flaking is to destroy the cell tissues and make easy oil extraction from the cells. This process enlarges the superficial area and thereafter increases the oil outlet.

Steam Cooking Of The Seeds
Steam cooking makes the raw flakes into cooked flakes by adding water, heating, drying, etc. The process helps in adjusting the structure of the flakes and improves the quality of the oil.

Sesame Oil Pressing
Oil pressing is done using the rotating spiral shaft to press the flakes continuously from the inlet into the barrel. Every rotation will move the material forward and the space volume in the barrel progressively gets condensed and oil is pressed out.

Sesame Oil Filtering
After all these processes, the oil extracted may contain several impurities, to get rid of every minor impurity from filtration is done so as to get the oil in its best form.

The final manufactured products are stored in a large and well-maintained warehouse. The delivery of the product is done using standard packaging which includes UN-approved aluminum bottles, Fiber Drums, HDPE drums, and G.I. Drums. To order the product in bulk, connect with us at +91 9870385705 or drop us a mail at

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