Speciality Ingredients

Thymol Natural

Thymol, also known as 2-isopropyl-5-methyl phenol, is a natural monoterpenoid phenol. It is a member of phenols and a monoterpenoid. It is derived from a hydride of p-cymene. It is found in organisms including Xylopia aromatica, and Xylopia sericea among others.

Anethole Natural

Anethole or anise camphor is an organic compound and is a derivation of phenylpropene. Anethole is a monomethoxybenzene and has a role as a plant metabolite.  It is a natural product that is found in organisms including Erucaria microcarpa, Anemopsis californica, and others.

Methyl Chavicol Natural

Methyl Chavicol Natural also known as Estragole is an organic compound. It is obtained by fractional distillation of Basil Oil that brings out a colorless liquid. It is a natural product found in organisms such as Vitis rotundifolia and Pinus sylvestris var. hamata.

Gamma Terpinene Natural

Gamma-terpinene carries the double bonds at the 1- and 4-positions of the p-menthane skeleton. It is a natural product found in Teucrium montanum and Xylopia aromatica among others.

Para-Cymene Natural

P-cymene, a monoterpene substituted at position 4 by an isopropyl group. It is a colorless liquid that carries a mild pleasant odor and it floats on water. This natural product is found in organisms including Nepeta nepetella and Xylopia aromatica to name a few.

Linalyl Acetate Natural

Linalyl acetate forms a primary component of the essential oils from bergamot and lavender. It is a monoterpenoid, an acetate ester of linalool. It is a natural product found in Xylopia aromatica, Citrus tankan, including other organisms.


Carvacrol, a phenol, is a monoterpene derivative of cymene. A member of phenols and is a natural product present in Xylopia aromatica, Xylopia sericea, and others.

Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is also known as Boswellia Frereana. The Frankincense Oil is extracted from the resin part of the plant using the steam distillation process.

Saw Palmetto Oil 85%

Saw Palmetto Oil is extracted from the Serenoa Repens Berries using a CO2 supercritical extraction process. The oil has 80-95% fatty acid and around 32% lauric acid.

Saw Palmetto Extract 45%

Saw Palmetto Extract is sourced from Serenoa Repens using the spray drying method. The powdered extract has purity ranges including 45%, 35%, and 25 % including an excipient called MaltoDextrin.

Saw Palmetto Extract 25%

Saw Palmetto Extract can be received using the spray drying process. The powdered extract also has an excipient called MaltoDextrin.

Saw Palmetto Extract USP

Saw Palmetto Extract is extracted from Serenoa Repens using the spray drying technique. The extract also brings ab excipient i.e. MaltoDextrin.

Lutien 10%

Lutein is a carotenoid that is used to prevent eye diseases. It is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry and is also considered “the eye vitamin.”

Lutien 20%

Lutein has huge potential and helps in ocular-protective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative situations. To extract the product, marigold flower petals are used.

Lutien 30%

Lutein, a xanthophyll carotenoid, has remarkable applications in pharmaceutical industries. Lutein is known for its ocular-protective, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidative activities.

Beta Carotene 10%

Beta Carotene has got its root in the family of Carotenes and is a carotenoid. These are found in plants and can be converted quickly into vitamin A inside the body.

Beta Carotene 20%

Beta Carotene from the family of Carotenes is a rich source of vitamin A and also a key to good vision and strong immunity.

Beta Carotene 30%

Beta-Carotene belongs to the family of Carotenes and is a carotenoid. Carotenoid is one of the groups of plant pigments that are majorly used for medications by pharmaceutical companies.

Boswellia Extract 10%

Boswellia Serrata Extract possesses analgesic & anti-inflammatory properties that are in high demand by many pharmaceutical companies.

Boswellia Extract 20%

Boswellia serrata is native to India, Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula. The extract of Boswellia is vehemently in use by pharma companies throughout the world.

Boswellia Extract 30%

Boswellia extract is an extract of Boswellia serrata sap, bark, and other parts of the plant. It is highly in use by pharmaceutical industries.

Black Cumin Oil (Min 1% Thymoquinone Content)

Nigella Sativa Oil gets its origin in India and is commonly known as Black cumin seed oil. The oil has an active thymoquinone (TQ) (min 1% Thymoquinone) when extracted between 60-80*C.

Black Cumin Oil (Min 3% Thymoquinone Content)

Black Cumin Seed Oil or Nigella Sativa Oil with a minimum of 3% of Thymoquinone content is highly used in major pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Black Cumin Oil (Min 5% Thymoquinone Content)

This Nigella Sativa Oil with thymoquinone content with a minimum threshold of 5% is available in a reliable packaging for all pharmaceutical and nutraceutical needs.

Garlic Oil(Allicin Content 80%)

Garlic oil or Allium sativum is enriched with Allicin Content. Allicin up to 80% is considered responsible for most of the pharmacological activities.