Raw Materials

We are engaged in cultivation and also have been working with farmers and collectors for may years and are constantly extending our relationships with new producers and into new product areas. In addition to farm visits, we use a comphrensive assessent through which we establish capabilities of all new suppliers.This acts not only as a screening procedure but also provides the basis for the crtitical path that a prosuct must follow to achieve the required standards.


The raw material is processed in our own manufacturing Facility, using Cold pressed,CO2 extraction and is managed by a team of technical experts.

Quality and Analysis

Our commitment is to provide high quality products, which satisfy our customers’needs and expectation by building quality in all our operation and to improve our process and systems.We have with us well established quality management so as to meet the demands of our range of Natural Mint products, essential oils, Carrier, Spice Oils etc.For meeting the in process demands we ensure all products come with proper lab reports like:

  • Detailed Certificate Of Analysis.
  • MSDS
  • Gas chromatography Profile
  • Method of Analysis

All production is carried out as per GMP standards.For Quality testing, there is an ultra modern laboratory equipped with the latest testing equipment and intruments.

Delivery and Packaging

All the finished products are supplied to the Customers in standard packaging viz HDPE Drums, G.I drums etc.We take utmost care in Export shipments by palletizing and shrink-wrapping the drums to ensure no waer and tear is experienced in transit and material reaches to the customer safely. All fresh and finished raw materials are stored on site in large, well maintained storage warehouses.The environment is kept clean without use of pesticides.

Why Hetaksh

  • Authentic Products

    Experience authenticity. Our products reflect true craftsmanship and premium quality.

  • Worldwide Export

    Global Presence: Our Products Reach Over 35 Countries and More Worldwide.

  • 10+ Years In The Market

    Benefit from our extensive 10+ years of experience serving diverse markets.

  • Dedicated Support

    Committed to providing dedicated support and exceptional support services to you.

  • Rigorous Testing

    Through rigorous testing, we ensure the purity and effectiveness of our oils.

  • Delivery commitment

    Our Delivery commitment ensures customer satisfaction and your orders reach promptly.

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