Black Seed Oil

Active Content (Min 1% Thymoquinone Upto 20% Thymoquinone)

Our Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Oil), scientifically known as Nigella Sativa Oil, is a product of USA. Its brownish yellow to deep brown oil is obtained by cold pressing and CO2 supercritical extraction. Present in it is the potent active ingredient known as thymoquinone (TQ), an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, and immune-supportive characteristics. As a Kalonji oil supplier, our Black Seed Oil is guaranteed to be free from pesticides and ethylene oxide.

Our Packaging Is Of 25 Kgs/180 Kgs Hdpe And Gi Drums

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Black Seed Oil

Thymoquinone – min 1%

Black Seed Oil

Thymoquinone – min 3%

Black Seed Oil

Thymoquinone – min 5%

Black Seed Oil

Thymoquinone – min 10%

Black Seed Oil

Thymoquinone – min 20%

Bulk Manufacturer of Black Seed Oil Suppliers in USA

Originated in USA, Black Seed Oil (Kalonji Oil) is also known as Nigella sativa. Cold press and CO2 supercritical extraction are utilised to produce oil that ranges in hue from brownish yellow to deep brown. If prepared at a temperature of roughly 60-80*C, it results in an active content (min. 1% thymoquinone upto 20% thymoquinone). Our manufacturing process is meticulously controlled to ensure the highest quality, and we take pride in being a trusted Black Seed Oil manufacturer in USA. Our product is prepared with the intention of retaining its authentic properties. Fluid liquid in appearance and brownish yellow in colour, our Black Seed Oil has a characteristic taste and odour. It is also insoluble in alcohol and water and retains moisture of less than 1%. Our product is best used when kept in a well fitted container in a cool, dark place. Our product also maintains transparency and tries to minimise the inclusion of heavy metals like lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium, which are often at a minimum amount of less than 1 ppm, which approximately amounts to around 10 ppm. The inclusion of microbiological impurities like yeasts and moulds amounts to less than 10 cfu/g and for Salmonella, E- coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa, they are absent.
As your reliable Black Seed Oil supplier in USA, we prioritise quality and purity, ensuring a premium product for your needs.

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    Experience authenticity. Our products reflect true craftsmanship and premium quality.

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    Global Presence: Our Products Reach Over 35 Countries and More Worldwide.

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    Benefit from our extensive 10+ years of experience serving diverse markets.

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    Through rigorous testing, we ensure the purity and effectiveness of our oils.

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Documents Available

  • GMP Certificate
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
  • Method of Analysis Certificate
  • Technical Data Sheet/Specification
  • Process Flow Chart
  • TSE/BSE Free certificate
  • Residual Solvent
  • OVI Certificate
  • Non GMO Declaration
  • Nitrosammo free declaration
  • Elemental Impurities Declaration
  • Stability Studies/Shell Life Studies accelarated and Long term
  • HACCP Certificate
  • USDA ORGANIC Certificate
  • MSDS
  • Altatoxin Free Declaration
  • Gluten Free Declaration
  • Vegan Declaration
  • Melamine Declaration
  • Food Grade Declaration
  • Pesticide Free Declaration
  • Technical Package equivalent to DMF
  • Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids Free Declaration
  • Dioxin Free Certificate
  • Genotoxic free declaration
  • Halal Declaration
  • Latex Declaration
  • KOSHER Certificate

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Our Certifications

A Little Words About Us

Hetaksh Black Seed Oils USA

It feels immense pleasure to introduce ourselves as “Hetaksh Black Seed Oil“, USA leading cultivators, manufacturers, producers, suppliers and exporters of Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Spice Oils, Floral Oils and Hydrosol etc.

We are Black Seed Oil bulk suppliers in USA, we provide Black Seed Oil with highest thymoquinone content in the world. We are a leading Black Seed oil supplier and we also deal in 200 more product, available only at Hetaksh Essential Oils Currently, we are exporting to 35+ countries with more than 500 clients worldwide. We are one of the largest cultivators and exporters with ISO 9001:2015 & GMP accreditation. We are a government recognized export house and export our products to almost 35 countries worldwide.

We are Nigella Sativa Oil supplier with High Thymoquinone Content to top ranked nutraceutical companies, pharmaceutical companies, flavour & fragrance houses, oral & personal care companies, tobacco manufacturers, ayurvedic companies, and FMCG manufacturers in USA and around the globe. With strict procurement of 100% natural and genuine raw materials directly from the farmers and stringent manufacturing & quality control methods, we can supply our products complying with IP, BP, EP, USP, and JP Pharmacopoeia. We can also customise our products as per the quality requirements and specifications of our customers. You may visit our website, Hetaksh Essential Oils, for our company’s profile and product details.


  • Our Black Seed Oil is extracted from Non GMO Seeds.
  • Our Black Seed Oil is Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids free.
  • Melamine is absent in our Black Seed Oil.
  • Black Seed Oil process by us does not contain any Alpha toxins.
  • Our Black Seed Oil is manufactured in Halal and Kosher Facility.
  • We do not use any residual solvent in the manufacturing process of Black Seed Oil
  • Our Black Seed Oil is pesticides free
  • Black Seed Oil offered by us is free from any potential Allergen, Dioxin and Genotoxic Impurities.

Our Aim

While standing high in the market of oils, Hetaksh a well-reputed brand is visionary in providing turnkey needs of high-end projects in a short time. Our core aim is to become a well-reputed brand with the ability to take on and fulfill end-to-end projects for major pharmaceutical companies. With our services, we want to cover the marke.

Our Customers

We aim to supply our product in bulk and with this in mind, we strive to connect with the major players in the pharmaceutical industry. To us, our customers are the managers and the evangelist of our services and we will ensure the high-end services to them in one go. We will make sure to provide quality products to our services. At last, happy customers means happy Hetaksh!