Garlic Oil High Allicin Bulk Manufacturer & Supplier in USA

Garlic Oil High Allicin Bulk Manufacturer & Supplier in USA

Garlic oil with its exceptional curative properties has high utility in the pharmaceutical industries. The extracted oil at the Hetaksh Essential Oils is rich in diallyl sulfides & allicin. The oil is manufactured using aged garlic that brings an odorless oil via a fermentation process. The oil belongs to the family of Amaryllidaceae and is botanically known as Allium sativum.

Garlic Oil Extraction Process

The garlic oil manufactured and supplied at Hetaksh Essential Oils are high in allicin. The extraction process of garlic oil includes the following steps:
The process starts with peeling and crushing the raw garlic into a puree. It further moves by adding water for enzymolysis and thereafter performing a steam distillation process. This also includes performing heat exchange, cooling, and condensing to get emulsion oil and water.
Moreover, the emulsion is filtered using the micro-filtration membrane. During this separation and extraction process, penetration and steaming are used for further separation process via the steam distillation process.

The oil has wide usage in the pharmaceutical industry and Hetaksh Essential Oils is committed to manufacturing and supplying 100% natural garlic oil. To order the allicin-rich oil, you can contact us at 9870385705 or drop is a mail at

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